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So just as the title says, below is the list of anime that I’ll post as a start. It covers the most beloved anime of all time, the best shounen, shoujo, ecchi (no I’m just kidding) mangas’ animations. So be prepared for the biggest wave of ANIME!!!

The first 20:

1. One Piece (we all know it’s a “must watch” anime)
2. Naruto (one that its character was the most searched name on the net once)
3. Bleach (Shinigami Hollow Quincy Arrancar Espada … REAAAALLLY catchy, isn’t it :D)
4. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
5. Death Note
6. Hunter x Hunter
7. Code Geass
8. Detective Conan
9. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
10. Hajime No Ippo
11. Slam Dunk
12. Prince of Tennis
13. Yakitate JA-PAN!
14. Major!
15. Dragon Ball
16. Lovely Complex
17. Yu-Gi-Oh!
18. Great Teacher Onizuka
19. Tantei Gakuen Q

So here it is. The first 20. I watched all of them (all episodes at least once) so I can guarantee that their the best of the best. Please tell me your thoughts about how I’m gonna post the episodes like stream download links etc. And If you want to choose from these please ask me without worries. It’ll be my pleasure to help you.


From today, I’m gonna be generally posting “Anime” here. Hopefully, this will be the number 1 anime site in Mongolia. (and I’ve got da confidence)